ZS Day —  Brand Identity
Identity design to connect with the ZS culture to bring each ZSer together after the pandemic and lockdown, a sign that the office is reopening.

ZS Associates aimed to host a global event to celebrate and empower their employees after the impact of Covid-19. I was tasked to design promotional posters, slide templates, table cards, logo, a video intro, and an interactive mural. The goal was to create a bold statement highlighting the company's largest cities using iconic landmarks.

The event would also facilitate collaboration among employees to develop a vision for the company's future where each person is encouraged to OBSERVE, UNDERSTAND, and REFLECT on ZS's culture. The event featured an illustrated mural of a ZS city, showcasing iconic buildings from cities where ZS resides. The windows of the buildings were sized to fit a Polaroid photo (2.4x3.5), allowing employees to take a selfie and post it on the mural, accompanied by a brief message on their observations, understanding, and reflections of ZS's culture, both past and present.

The event encouraged employees to collaborate and share ideas for building a vision of the company's culture in the future. Through this interactive approach, ZS Associates aimed to create a sense of belonging and pride among their employees, highlighting the importance of a strong company culture in achieving success.

illustration, mural — 8x96

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