Pass The Dressing — Brand Identity and Marketing Collateral Design
Brand identity for a vegan cashew salad dressing, spotlighting its smooth taste and flavorful profile and embodying a playful, health-conscious boldness for a vibrant and distinctive presence.

Promotional poster
Pass The Dressing is a vegan salad dressing brand. The initial focus was on the unique selling points – a cashew-based dressing with a smooth, buttery texture and a subtly integrated flavor.

Pass The Dressing's primary audience is health-conscious individuals aged 18-40 who value well-being, nutrition, and sustainability. This audience embraced a plant-based fun lifestyle and sought transparency in ingredients, convenience, and eco-friendly packaging.

The brand identity transformed to embody the product's personality—a fusion of health-consciousness, boldness, fun, and a delightful, tasteful experience. Utilizing Snug Variable—Low Compact Black as the primary font, Pass the Dressing's visual identity is elevated. Snug, a Triple-Axis Variable Font, introduces versatility in weight, width, and x-height, infusing a modern and flexible touch into the brand's design. This seamlessly complements the vegan cashew-based salad dressing's smooth, bold, and exciting aesthetic.

Ultimately, "Pass The Dressing" appeared as a dressing and a lifestyle brand – a testament to the fusion of health, excitement, fun, and sustainability.
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