Nosh Crawl — Brand Identity, Digital Design, UX/UI, Print

A mobile food crawl app and printed material for a food crawl that helps travelers eat like a local. You can customize your culinary journey and discover hidden gems quickly, calculating the total cost of the crawl, including transportation.

Nosh is the ultimate guide for international travelers aged 25-45 looking to explore London's best places to eat like a local. You can explore the City of London with a non-customizable envelope-type map available at Gatwick, Heathrow, and London City Airport; Nosh's app offers a more interactive experience, allowing users to select and plan their food crawl journey. With the app, users can choose different food categories and preselect menu items, enabling them to see the total price of their personalized food crawl, including transportation costs. Each crawl is unique, guiding users through the city's best food establishments. Moreover, the map highlights routes and restaurants through London boroughs, helping incoming travelers to locate the best places to eat. Users can download the app for a more customized food adventure if they enjoy the map.

Problem statement

Despite being one of the most visited cities in the world, navigating London's food scene can be overwhelming for travelers. Most of the time, people need help knowing where to eat so they do not fall into the trap of tourist areas. Therefore, there is a need for a guide that can help visitors locate the best places to eat and experience the city like a local. 

User stories

"As a tourist, I wish I could find the best fish n chips and eat where the locals go."

“As a tourist I only want to eat at the best places.”

"As an expat, I want to be able to find my way around London and find the best places to grab a beer and eat with the locals."

Envelope map — 11 x 17 (Front/exterior)

Envelope map — 11 x 17 Back/interior)

Custom Envelope Creation: I transformed an 11 x 17 paper into a meticulously designed envelope template. I numbered and labeled each section precisely to ensure its seamless functionality once printed.
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