My Place Now — Digital Design, UX/UI
A mobile app designed to help tenants have a better rental experience, help connect with their landlords, and navigate the building amenities.

The "My Place Now" app is a comprehensive rental management platform designed to simplify the renting experience for both tenants and landlords. With a range of features to facilitate communication and enhance the rental experience, this app includes rent payment processing, messaging capabilities for tenants to contact their landlord or concierge, and a feature for reporting issues or broken items within the rental property.

In addition to these essential features, the "My Place Now" app includes information about the property, such as move-in and move-out procedures, rent payment history, and a community chat forum to connect with your neighbors. In addition, the app provides a history list of maintenance requests and current maintenance within the building's common areas, making it easy to keep track of any issues that need attention. Finally, the app lets tenants even book the apartment amenities like the media room, firepit, common area, laundry facility, and gym.

"My Place Now" aims to streamline the rental process and increase transparency between tenants and landlords. This app aims to enhance the overall rental experience for all parties involved by providing a user-friendly platform for communication and organization. Whether you're a tenant looking for a seamless rental experience or a landlord seeking to improve your management process, "My Place Now" is the perfect tool to simplify and enhance your rental experience.

User research

The fact that 78.6% have explored services beyond their complex highlights untapped potential. It underscores the crucial role of well-designed laundry facilities in boosting resident satisfaction and creating opportunities for service expansion and innovation. These insights accentuate the significance of optimized laundry amenities in enhancing resident contentment and fueling service improvement endeavors to keep residents using the facility's amenities.

User stories

“As a renter, I want to be able to report when things break within my building so that the landlord can fix them quickly.”

“As a renter, I want to receive real-time updates on my maintenance request status to plan accordingly.”

“As a renter, I want to be able to communicate with my landlord about issues or concerns in my building so that they can be addressed promptly.”

User flow

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