Headquarters The Grooming Shop  — Brand Identity, print
Brand identity for a Los Angeles barbershop.

"Headquarters: The Grooming Shop," a Los Angeles Barbershop, wanted to change its brand identity to resonate with a younger demographic while maintaining its current clientele. Central to the rebranding was a vibrant, contemporary logo design that captured modernity while honoring the shop's legacy. This logo informed the visual identity, ensuring consistency and impact across all materials using Bogam and Serenity font.

Beyond the logo, I crafted promotional materials tailored to engage the target audience, from fun business cards to posters and compelling social media graphics. I designed trendy hoodies featuring the new logo, captivating typography, photography, and bold color schemes. These hoodies doubled as fashion statements and potent brand ambassadors, sparking interest and amplifying visibility, making the statement "This is a lifestyle."

I addressed the marketing challenge through strategic design and research, revitalizing "Headquarters: The Grooming Shop" and positioning it for sustained relevance and growth. The rebrand struck a delicate balance, appealing to existing and prospective customers, ensuring the shop's continued success in the dynamic Los Angeles market.

Price Card — Front

Price Card — Back


 Business card — Front

Business card — Back

Social media — IG story

Promotional flyer — Front

Promotional flyer — Back
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