Creative Roots — Brand Identity

Visual identity and promotional materials for a creative cultural festival in the Leimert Park, Los Angeles area.

The Creative Roots Festival is a vibrant celebration connecting the community with the wonders of creativity, merging fun and learning. Letting the youth and young adults explore Black creatives across various fields—directors, writers, artists, designers, painters, etc.—connecting with industry stars. Immerse in a safe atmosphere, fueling their creative passions.

The branding commemorates Leimert Park's vibrancy, bold history, and community and welcomes the community to immerse themselves in the creative world. Introducing the youth to new adventures and ideas in the different creative fields.

The Identity features the typeface Lektorat, displaying a bold design creating visual impact using colors that connect the audience to the festival. The colors utilize a vibrant palette inspired by the community and local culture, representing playfulness, excitement, love, wisdom, and intelligence.
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