Beyond The Cotton — Book Design, Branding
Book design examines American history that is not commonly taught. The book is attended to celebrate the achievements of these hidden figures and explore how physical and digital affordances can work together to make education more fun.

Book cover, canvas cover — 7.5x9.5

The Beyond the Cotton project aims to highlight the unwritten "black" historical figures by producing a visually appealing and interactive historical book for ages 13 - 22. The book highlights hidden figures from African history and showcase their significant societal contributions. The project aims to create an engaging and memorable reading experience; the project will utilize QR codes throughout the book to make the book more interactive, keeping the reader more engaged.

As a result, the reader can access additional information and multimedia content, creating an immersive and exciting reading venture. This project aims to promote awareness of the unwritten pages of American history and beyond and provide a platform for their stories to be told. By creating an interactive historical book, Beyond the Cotton hopes to inspire a new generation of readers to engage with history and encourage them to follow their dreams no matter the challenges.

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